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School of the Prophets 2022 – Online

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Fri, Aug 5, 2022 –
Sat, Aug 6, 2022


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The Concept

In these last days, the Gift of the Prophet has become so conspicuous that it is generating a lot of both positive and negative vibes and occupying headlines in society. The question then is, how do we sanitize the Gift, as well as the men who carry them, so that they conform to Biblical Expectations and the Church’s Education?

ULTIMATE MINISTERIAL ACADEMY (UMA) has seriously considered this, and finally, what seems like the dream and the ultimate answer has arrived. Led by Prophet Akwasi Agyemang Prempeh, who himself is an astute Prophet in the land, UMA seeks to encourage the proper manifestation of the gift. UMA’s SCHOOL OF PROPHETS provides the hatchery in which Prophets, both young and old, are incubated and sent out. It is our hope that the course will Release, Renew, and Revive a sound prophetic lifestyle, devoid of controversy and confusion.

The Modalities

This is an intensive 6 months programme that combines theory, practical activities, and spiritual impartation. The uniqueness is that it has both classroom and prayer room sessions integrated in the training. The prayer room sessions are led by sea soned and a c knowledge prophets who stand in the position to impart and impact.

A basic theological training, received at UMA or elsewhere, is a denite requirement. This is because UMA believes that the Prophet is as spiritual as he is scriptural; and that every prophecy ought to be rooted in the Word of God. For students residing outside Ghana, or those taking the courses on-line, special arrangements will be made for personal contact an direct impartation sessions during the period of study.

The courses are offered in Seminar and Block formats, and they include the following:

  • – Biblical Foundations of Prophetism
  • – Purpose and Characteristics of Prophecy
  • – The Calling, Character, and Charisma of the Prophet
  • – Biblical Foundations of Prophetism for personal contact and direct impartation sessions during the period of study
  • – Prophetic Protocols (Ethics)
  • – The Prophet and Prayer
  • – Dreams, Visions, and Trances
  • – In the Realm of the Spirit
  • – True and False Prophets
  • – Pitfalls in the Prophetic Ministry
  • – Forthtelling and Foretelling in Prophecy
  • – The Spirit, Gift, and Office of Prophecy




Event Details

Organizer : Prophet Prempeh Ministries

Start Date : 2022-08-05

End Date : 2022-08-06

Cost : $85

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Venue : Online

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Phone : 1(740) 803-9761

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